let‘s dance salsa & bachata and escpape the norm

Our 2 day excellent dance retreat is POSTBONED

Join us for an exclusive two day latin dance event. Your stay will include accommodation in the stunning estalagem de ponta do sol with sea or mountain views. Set in the beautiful island Madeira direct at the sea, dances taught include Salsa, Bachata and ChaChaCha in combination with some fitness dances and warmup sessions. From footwork in order to adhance your confidence on your steps to a perfect following and leading even with complex figures in your partnerwork for social dancing. Fill your soul with happiness and joy while listening to our great selection of good old and brillant new latin sounds. Fill your heart with new friends you will make during these days.

  • arrival
  • free shuttle from the airport to the venue.
  • 7pm // welcome dinner
  • 9 pm  // welcome party 

  • breakfast 
  • 11am 2h morning classes
  • lunch break
  • 3pm 2h afternoon classes
  • 7pm gourmet dinner 
  • 9pm -11pm latin gala night

  • breakfast
  • 11am 2h morning classes
  • lunch break
  • 2pm 2h afternoon classes
  • farewell meeting
  • free shuttle to the airport

About Our dance vacation

The joy of our escape

Partnerworkshops, footwork, fitness sessions, as well as seminars are included to enhance dancing ability, strength, stamina and knowledge.

Escape the norm and fill your soul with happiness and your heart with new friends. 

The dancing classes are from beginners to advanced dancers in small and focused classes. As part of your package you will also enjoy gourmet meals and evening parties all set in a stunning and sophisticated environment.

 Please register your interest ASAP to guarantee a place.

Three days & Two nights in the hotel

8 Hours of dance classes

Themed latin parties
Gourmet dinner

Transfer from the airport

An escape from the norm – a return to the essentials

This extraordinary hotel is set in the relaxing and charming village ponta do sol unaffected by tourism known to have one of the best climate of madeira with view to the sunset and sunrise having a contrasting scenery – from the rocky coast above the ocean, and the terrace hills filled with banana plantations to the subtropical mountains

Take your chance and reserve one of the limited spaces!